Please forgive me for taking so long to write this post.  I have not wanted to do it, but it is long overdue.

Some have become aware of this already, but I’d like to say here that Diana Roth did in fact cross the threshold of death.  She passed on in April 2015.  Around that time I felt that she may have passed on, but it took me some months to confirm this with her close friend who contacted me by email to let me know.  Our relationship has been quite telempathic and so partly I felt her the same as I usually did, but partly not there in the same way.  Any way I miss being able to call her and am happy for her at the same time.  Writing this post I am glad to hear her there strongly.  (Unless I’m just going nuts.  hahaha…  Mostly she’s laughing so I expect it’s her AND I’m arguably going crazy.)

Diana had been struggling with Chronic Fatigue for years, but it was particularly challenging for her during the last couple of years.  She felt that there was much that she gained from the struggle, but she also really didn’t enjoy the process.  She’ll probably haunt me if I get all sappy, so I’ll be careful not to carry on too much.  Nevertheless I miss our phone calls.

Diana created this website as her final legacy.

Diana knew that she wouldn’t live forever.  Most know her for her work with animals as she was able to communicate with them quite easily.  She shared her love and respect of animals for many years.  When I met her in a Skype group chat about five years ago she stuck out to me in a way that I recognize to be a pointer for me to meet someone.  We became fast friends and soon after she told me of her plans to create a final website to be a resource for anyone who would find it.  I offered to help her with it and the idea was born to create audio recordings of our conversations for the main lessons.  The rest of the site was to support the small number of audio conversations.

Diana was very specific about what she wanted to share in the basic lessons.  She had been planning it for years.  Meeting me helped to bring the vision to a reality, but she knew what she wanted to say in detail from the beginning.  She chose to write out each lesson and read it word for word to keep them clear and concise.  I think that you’ll agree that the result really worked well.  The lessons she shared, if one actually follows them, provide the foundation for anyone to develop the abilities she had and more.

Who will carry on the work?

Diana and I had an arrangement that I would keep the website going after she passed on.  She and I have funded the website.  She paid for the domain names and I have covered the hosting and ongoing site maintenance.  I have not been overtly active in the Forum.  When Diana was lucid she was very responsive in the Forum.  As her mental and physical condition became more difficult she found it very hard to respond to people in the Forums.  She made it clear to me that really the Forums weren’t necessary except as an aid to help people to develop their work with the basic lessons.

I have a mind to participate more in the Forum, but I also have a family to support and business to run that take a lot of doing time wise.  Whether I participate more in the Forum or not we will see in time, but Diana didn’t want to get anyone else to do it.  She felt that what she shared in the audios was enough as a stand alone set of lessons.  What she shared in the Forums would remain available for people to enhance their comprehension of what they would learn in the basic audio lessons.  And if I wanted to participate she welcomed that.

So as it stands I can hear her tuning in to let me know that it would be good if I’d monitor the Forums to keep it useful.  She is very funny, but also a bit of a driver!

Is it true that Diana used to cuss like a sailor?


(Now I’m going to get a haunting for sure.  But what are you going to do about it!?  Oh yes I AM going to leave this in!)

Diana was real in every way.  Full of Compassion and True.  I still consider her a very close friend and enjoy her humour immensely.  I made the effort to meet her in person when I was in Florida on a business trip and am very glad that I had the opportunity to.  She smoked and cussed and used to enjoy a beer on occasion, but she was more spiritually adept than most anyone I know.

She was very to the point in her recordings, but she is a very very funny woman with a whole lot of cheek!  When it comes to this website she is mostly serious and focused.  In private she laughed a lot.  I love her sense of humour very much.

Some help to pay for the website’s domain renewal would be very welcome.

I was reminded of the need to write this post when I got an email today warning me that the domain name will expire in 5 days if I don’t get it renewed.  I will renew it, but also I’m tight right now financially.  If anyone is willing and able to assist any donation would be very much appreciated.  I have two domain names to renew (.org and .com), which will cost about $50 if I renew both for two more years, or about $25 for one.  Hosting is $50/year.

$100 is not much, but with the various financial strains that I have to cover in my personal life right now it feels like a lot.  The reality is that I don’t have the money for it or I would just pay it.

Please, don’t donate if you are also experiencing financial strain.  It will be ok.

Thank you if you are able to help!



Mark Hoza


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