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10 Responses to Contact Us

  1. rebeka says:

    Hello dear Diana,

    I dont know you yet but i have a very good feeling about you.My friend Roger told me about you. I have an issue to solve in my spiritual life and would like to ask you for advise. Is that possible? I would be happy to hear you opinion.

    Love, Rebeka

  2. rebeka,

    I would be happy to help you if I can. Either email me or post it in the forum. I would suggest that you start a new thread in either “Diana’s Folder” or “General Discussion.”

    Talk to you soon!


  3. spiritoftheglen says:

    reading the getting rid of fear and paranoia forum…has helped me enormously…so many syncs brought me to this forum…i was researching animal totem meanings…about the fruitfly ..which led me to another site..which led me to registering to this site after i read the forum…:)
    i got bit by a bulldog recently on my foot…is this one of my totems ?if so why a bull dog…i would love to hear your thought’s on this…at your convience of course.. thankyou for coming into my life…:)
    best wishes…patrick

  4. Jewels Marshall says:

    Such Truth! Thank you

  5. Christina says:

    Wonderful site, and I adore your Animal Totems pages… A real wealth of information, so thank you for compiling it and sharing it with the world. I hike and photograph the Everglades area, doing my little bit to share it, in my wee attempt to share its unique beauty ( — anything to help protect it. But I’m obviously a huge fan of the totems and am very respectful of our current surges… So, thanks again!!

  6. Adrienne says:

    Diana I am very moved by your website and look forward to learning more to continue to ascend on my spiritual path. I have recently had a soul retrieval and found out my power animal is a bald eagle.I am struggling with finding a direction in life, I have a strong desire to change careers and to relocate.I am hoping you could help me connect with my power animal and guides to show me the way to fulfill my lifes purpose, any suggestions I would be forever grateful.
    Thank you so much!

  7. janne says:

    sue Fitzmaurice said:
    “when you dance to your own rhythm, people may not understand you; they may even hate you..but mostly, they’ll wish they HAD THE COURAGE TO DO THE SAME.
    boy, have i experienced this so
    many-umpteen times across my life. before over such-i’d collapse/syndrome/beat myself up from the rejection to do with our emit of Shine/Heart’s movement dance. nowadays..i measure/check in/track better, exercise skills to protect myself AND send message across the Airwaves in prayer for the person who rejected us..for the mirroring i wanted share with them-they really didn’t know they had, and for what i know mine’s to be, they could’ve taken the Light’s invite-to not get swallowed up in it-but to share in it’s Magesty. respectfully i know by some-it’s truly been their loss-out on their Best self’s Shine/emittance:) to co synergize..and so with that I look to share journey with you, hopefully with the connect to, that is..

  8. E.T says:

    After reading the posts on your website I just felt like I had to write something to you(I usually don’t do things like this).I really find all of this interesting(and helpful)and I think you are really an amazing person.I am really happy that I got to meet you although I wish it would have been sooner.Altgough I am young and really inexperienced I hope to develop not only spiritually but as a person as well.I’m not really sure if what I am doing is right,but i feel a connection and something tells me to continue doing it(at least for now).I think I’m taking baby steps towards spiritual development,because i’ve been experiencing things a lot of people would find weird,but instead i keep feeling excited(for some reson)

    I wish you all the best! =D

    • webmaster says:

      Diana has been slow to respond to the website comments and Forum posts. Also the Forum has been broken for a time. But I will call her now that I have it working again to let her know and I will encourage her to reply to comments if / when she can.

      Diana has just not been in a position to work on the website much in recent months. Hopefully that will improve as many have been helped by what she has taught her and would like to work with her in the Forum.


  9. YC says:

    Im not sure weather this is true, but the music you’ve put on the home page, is to me like it has been played before when the earth ascended and the one big piece of land broke apart and moved. Which took, if you ask me, a month, maybe 2.

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