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June 8, 2016
6:20 pm
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June 12, 2013
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I haven’t been on this site for some time now, sorry to hear of Diana’s passing.

Could anyone give me a honest appraisal on the following, my following post somehow offended some people when it’s only my perception of things.

We are going to have different perspectives of what represents the elite, this is of course due to our different perceptions which are usually brought about by our conditioning and life experiences. Conditioning also includes how we have acquired awareness, knowledge and even wisdom. I will also refer to two main kinds of the elite, the finite elite and the infinite elite.

Levels of Existence: In the physical finite existence, the elite are usually the ones who control the rest of the populous in some way. Multinationals, industrialists, power brokers and politicians are an example of who can be called an elite class of people within a finite existence, in actuality, everything these elite accumulate is finite, an accumulation of transitory wealth.

In a non-physically based infinite existence, we often relate the elite to the wise, spiritual, gurus and the divine to name a few. Everything the elite acquire is usually infinite, an accumulation of anything that stays with us even after our demise.

I’m actually going to say that neither of these groups I’ve mentioned are the elite, the elite is represented by the everyday consciousness that is neither specifically spiritual nor materialistic, of the finite or the infinite. It’s a consciousness that is neither one or the other.

Within a finite existence, we most often relate the elite to being powerful in some sense, power over their environment which includes power over simular conscious forms. The finite elite do not see themselves as being simular to other deemed lower vibrations, this most often leads these people to use these deemed lower vibrational people as cattle, meaning, using conscious forms to fulfil their own desires and lusts.

Within finite existence (physical existence), lower vibrations are seen as lower class people, people with very little power over the finite environment. Within infinite existence (spiritual existence), lower vibrations are seen to be anything relating to the finite void of infinite perceptions and awareness. Within this perception, all of the infinite are elite as they too are more controlling of their environment, which one is truly more correct? Of course one perspective is above the other in some way as in a higher vibration.

In both cases of finite and infinite existence, power over their environment in some way relates to a higher vibration, the more control you have over the environment, the more powerful therefore more of a higher vibration one is deemed to be. Only in a finite existence can a consciousness deem one vibration being higher than another, this is due to there being no levels within a true infinite state of consciousness. no true higher or lower vibration. Levels of existence are only perceived within a finite existence.

Finite Perspective: Perspectives relate to measuring, usually measuring one against another. It would seem measuring what is and isn’t of a higher vibration, a higher stature in anyway, deems what is and isn’t of the elite. The elite also relates to a consciousness of a higher vibration. It would seem to be of a higher vibration, a consciousness has to be controlling over their environment, this includes being in control over themselves and most likely over others.

Within the finite existence, it’s the more powerfully controlling who are deemed as the elite, this is quite incorrect because due to the fact that these elite do not actually have control, the people they use as cattle do. The reason for this is simple, where would the elite be without their cattle? The cattle, the average human being, supply the elite with everything including their power over their environment, these elite wouldn’t be elite or of a deemed higher vibration (stature) if it wasn’t for the cattle. Also, no true elite would have to use a deemed lower vibration to become elite, if they were truly elite, they would have acquired their elite stature without a deemed lower vibration helping them to attain this deemed higher vibrational stature.

As of all consciousness, it’s the less controlling who you could deem have the control within a finite existence, therefore, it’s the conscious forms who are less controlling who actually have control but only over those who deem themselves being elite over other forms of consciousness. The so called elite have actually put the less controlling in power, these less controlling conscious forms didn’t acquire this power, it was given to them by the so called finite elite.

Infinite Perspective: I used the word perspective in regards to the infinite because a lot of people, while existing in a finite existence, measure one against the other to deem (judge) one vibration being higher than another, usually their own. Also, to measure one against another takes one consciousness to be of a lower value (stature) in some way, again it’s the elite, higher vibrational people, who are using the average person to measure themselves against, however, this action in turn gives these people with a deemed lower vibration power over the infinite elite. How much of a higher vibration would these people see themselves being without these deemed lower vibrational people? Who really has the power over whom? It actually goes both ways accept a true elite consciousness doesn’t use other forms of consciousness to become controlling or elite, of a higher stature, in anyway.

In both the finite and infinite elite, it’s the deemed lower vibrations that give these so called elite people their stature of being more powerful and controlling than the average person or conscious form.

If you comprehend what I was stating here, it’s possible you might not like what I have stated. We so often put ourselves on a higher stature when consciousness as a whole is a collective entity, therefore, one is of the same, there is no true higher or lower vibration or stature for one exists because of the other!!……

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